Jason Zenobia

My Tadpole Needs More Wax: There Are Plenty of Things to Regret in Life, but Art Doesn’t Have to Be One of Them.

Photo credit: Clarke Galusha http://clarkegalusha.com
Jason Zenobia recalls the day a woman asked him about his tattoos, "What happens when you regret those?"   It was a simple misunderstanding. Or was it? She was a slim, gray-haired woman in her early 70s. She was well-groomed, with everything about her properly tucked in, pinned down, and otherwise under control. Her posture was impeccable and as she came ... Read the full article
Jason Zenobia

Jason Zenobia is a trained, professional chef, writer, and whiskey enthusiast living in Portland, Oregon with his husband and three cats. He is a Sagittarius who loves to travel, run barefoot on the beach, and find new uses for the word "fabulous."