Matthew Reddin

Hello America, From Australia: The Dumbest Timeline

(Photo by marianne bos on Unsplash)
In his column, “The Dumbest Timeline,” Matthew Reddin looks at school board meetings in America being overrun by anti-vaxxers, white supremacists, and the Proud Boys.   Hello America. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it, so sayeth the idiom. And I could look up who coined the phrase, but that’ll have us ... Read the full article
Matthew Reddin

Matt Reddin has been writing nonsense about film, TV, books, music, and live theatre for a touch over 20 years. He’s gone from the halcyon days of street press in Perth, to regional dailies, national magazines, and major metropolitan newspapers. Now, in between bouts of sporadically yelling at clouds, he vents his creative spleen at

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Voices of the Unheard

Elected officials invite voters to attend “hearings” about how they should spend taxpayers’ money, but then never listen to what their constituents say.