George Grundy

The Health of the President

(Photo by Capturing the human heart on Unsplash)
We deserve to know about the health of President Trump, but the secrecy and dishonesty of this administration means we will be kept in the dark.   This is developing into a disturbing situation. Donald Trump has Read the full article
George Grundy

George William Grundy is an English-Australian author, media professional, and businessman. Born in London in 1971, Grundy majored in Media at the University of Central England, then began a career in television production and international broadcast rights at the London offices of IMG, a global leader in sports, events, media, and fashion, operating in more than 25 countries. Following IMG, Grundy founded a successful advertising company in Australia, of which he is the current Managing Director. He currently maintains the political blog, providing informative and entertaining commentary on major events in politics and sport. George Grundy is currently based in Perth, Australia, with his wife and family.