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State Efforts to Ban Mask Mandates in Schools Mirror Resistance to Integration

(Photo by marco fileccia on Unsplash)

Like school integration in the past, policies that require or encourage masks have become the new arena for the ongoing argument about Southern states’ rights.

  When the U.S. Supreme Court issued its 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education decision that struck down segregated ... Read the full article

Afghans’ Lives and Livelihoods Upended Even More as U.S. Occupation Ends

As a researcher of Afghanistan’s conflicts, I know how Afghans have been affected by the failed 20-year Western occupation of their country, and trillions of dollars wasted.

Hello America, From Australia: Interfering in Foreign Elections?

During a press conference after the Geneva summit with Putin, President Biden asked what the world would think of the US if it were interfering in foreign elections. Um …

Voices of the Unheard

Elected officials invite voters to attend “hearings” about how they should spend taxpayers’ money, but then never listen to what their constituents say.