Amoja Sumler

Why the Democrats Will Lose in 2020

(still from Michael Moore's documentary Fahrenheit 11/9, converted to b&w)
Amoja Sumler cautions why the Democrats are poised to lose again in 2020 if they don't correct their current course.   Audience! Audience! Audience! As it stands, the Democratic party hasn’t seemingly identified who it can entice and fundamentally misunderstands the mindset of key demographics they desperately need to take advantage of in the shifting ... Read the full article
Amoja Sumler

Amoja Sumler is a nationally celebrated poet and social activist known for fusing the art of the intellectual into the familiar. As "The Mo-Man," he has headlined spoken word festivals such as the Austin International Poetry Festival, the Bridgewater International Poetry Festival, Write NOLA in New Orleans, and Rock the Republic in Texas. A member of both the Arts in Education and Arts on Tour roster for over a decade has seen Amoja serve as a 5-time Poetry Out Loud states finals judge and an artist in residence to Universities and literacy nonprofits across the state of Arkansas. Amoja has also presented at social advocacy conferences like Long Beach Indie Film Pedagogy Conference and Furious Flower as a panelist for The Watering Hole. You may follow his work at or twitter at @momanthepoet.