Sarah L. Cook

The Unimaginable Costs of Sexual Assault

The cost of sexual assault moves far beyond a dollar figure. It’s the subtle devaluing of your quality of life, it’s the greater fear that is harder to quantify.   What is the cost of sexual assault? The answer depends on whom you ask. Social and behavioral scientists like me measure the consequences of sexual assault in terms of mental ... Read the full article
Sarah L. Cook

Dr. Cook began her appointment in the Honors College June 1, 2012, and has been a faculty member of the Department of Psychology since 1997. She is a nationally recognized expert on violence against women. Her research explores how science conceptualizes and measures the problem, ethical issues in researching it, how to prevent it, and how it intersects with other problems such as HIV/AIDS in South Africa. Her research has been funded by the National Institute of Justice, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the National institutes of Health. She teaches an Honors College undergraduate interdisciplinary seminar on HIV/AIDS, violence, and Apartheid in South Africa as well as a graduate course on psychology and public policy. She is an alumna of Saint Mary’s College in South Bend, Indiana, and earned her doctorate at the University of Virginia.

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