Adam Strong

That One Friend: The Golem

(screenshot of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! video game; Nintendo)
Adam Strong reflects on a friendship that began in high school and spanned through college, the kind of friend we might relate to, the one who maybe shouldn’t have been.    How you got into all this TV stuff was college. You were born to act, or so you tell people, or told people because you haven’t acted in years. Theater was your first ... Read the full article
Adam Strong

Adam Strong is the founder of the reading series Songbook PDX. His work has appeared in Entropy, the Atticus Review, NAILED Magazine, Gravity of the Thing, in the anthologies City of Weird, The Untold Gaze, and on the Storytellers Telling Stories podcast. He writes, draws, and loves in Portland, Oregon, and is a high school Digital Arts teacher.

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