Gretel Killeen

In a Perfect Place

(Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash)
Lately, I’ve been musing on what a perfect place would look like, and how far away from it we truly are.   In a perfect place, potato chips wouldn’t make you fat. In a perfect place, beans wouldn’t make you fart. In a perfect place, we’d worship values, not the dollar. In a perfect place, the values we espouse would be reflected in our ... Read the full article
Gretel Killeen

Gretel Killeen is the author of more than twenty books. At various times she hosts radio and television programs across the country, works as a journalist, stand-up comic and voice artist, and writes and directs feature films and documentaries.

Two Stereotypes That Diminish the Humanity of the Atlanta Shooting Victims – And All Asian Americans

The media tends to render Asian Americans as either “perpetual foreigner” or “model minority” – both stereotypes that have been levied in tandem against immigrants from Asia since the 1830s.

Electoral College Benefits Whiter States, Study Shows

With a Supreme Court ruling rejecting one of the founders’ two reasons for creating the Electoral College, only one reason remains: racism.

Oregon LEO Favor Racism Over Reform, Again

Oregon-elected officials and law enforcement use the Proud Boys failed attempt to stir up trouble as an excuse to remove restrictions on violence against Black Lives Matter protesters, brutally attacking them.