Sam Grittner

In America, Fear Will Be the Death of Us All

The American Reality is fear, and fear alone. Despite the change of location, or face, or reason, there is one thing that binds us.    After every mass shooting, when the straight, white man, who assaults all of us while killing some, “magically” gets taken into custody. Meanwhile, Read the full article
Sam Grittner

Sam Grittner is a writer and stand-up comedian currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. He has written for and the International Business Times. His monthly stand-up show, “We’re All Gonna Die Tonight,” is returning in December.

What the World Needs Now, Part II: The Story of Slaves / The Story of Kings / The Story of the Africans in America

In America, in this day and age, it’s time to mine richer material than the tired American Slave Story that chains us. Here are the thought leaders who will take us there.