Chad M. Christensen

Boy With Shovel: The Wasp (and the Avocado Jungle of Death)

Chad M. Christensen’s next Boy With Shovel column, “The Wasp (and the Avocado Jungle of Death),” is about a battle with an angry wasp and a B movie from the ’80s.   A huge wasp is banging itself over and over into my office window. Apparently, it’s pissed off. This might have something to do with me knocking down its nest on my front ... Read the full article
Chad M. Christensen

Chad M. Christensen lives in the Ponca Hills north of Omaha, Nebraska, and is the managing editor of the WSC Press and the co-director of the Plains Writers Series. He stole his MFA from the University of Nebraska and teaches writing and publishing at Wayne State College. Find him stumbling on Facebook & Twitter.

Masking, Vaxxing, Manipulating, and Grieving

Benjamin Vogt examines what is at the core of the division and tumult of these times: an inability to process grief. And the pandemic has delivered plenty of it.

Dispatches From the Apocalypse: Behind Enemy Lines (August 21, 2021)

Sean Davis debuts his new column: Dispatches From the Apocalypse. In “Behind Enemy Lines,” Davis writes a letter to the future to explain the chaos of these times.

Life Is a Sweet, Tender Bruise LVIII: I Love Myself, Come What May

John Michael continues his series Life Is a Sweet, Tender Bruise, reflecting on life and people encountered, thinking about prejudices and how to overcome them.

Getting Vaccinated Against COVID Is Similar to Kicking the Smoking Habit

Urging some folks to finally get vaccinated against COVID is akin to pleading with smokers to stop smoking, Nancy Townsley examines the comparison.