Matthew Reddin

The Top 10 Best Musical Biopics of All Time (2021)

From films about 18th-century composers to more current rock stars and songwriters, Matthew Reddin ranks the Top 10 Musical Biopics of all time.   Imagine, if you will, a talented musician. They come from humble beginnings, relative obscurity. But there is talent to be found, and what their talent shows ends up being something that music fans of a certain ... Read the full article
Matthew Reddin

Matt Reddin has been writing nonsense about film, TV, books, music, and live theatre for a touch over 20 years. He’s gone from the halcyon days of street press in Perth, to regional dailies, national magazines, and major metropolitan newspapers. Now, in between bouts of sporadically yelling at clouds, he vents his creative spleen at

Risen Apes: There But for Fortune

S.M. Park’s column Risen Apes about being a 70-year-old boomer. In “There But for Fortune,” Park admires Kerouac’s writing process for On the Road and attempts the same using cocaine.

Hello America, From Australia: Researcher Proposes Renaming “Shark Attacks” As “Negative Encounters”

In his latest column, Matthew Reddin looks at Shark Week, shark attacks, and a bit of PR spin on behalf of sharks and their “bad reputation.” 

Risen Apes: Reason To Believe

S.M. Park’s column Risen Apes about being a 70-year-old boomer. In “Reason To Believe,” Park talks about the three instances his alcoholism made him remorseful. 

Hello America, From Australia: Late-Stage Capitalism with a Soupçon of Post-Modernist Irony

In his latest column, Matthew Reddin examines late-stage capitalism and how Americans willingly pay good money to wear and/or display company logos.