Tracey Clark

All Appearances: The Shifting Definitions of Body Image in 2018

(Jameela Jamil - first Instagram image of i_weigh campaign)
I was mostly untouched by beauty standards, until I had a daughter. We know it’s more than appearances, but having to force that upon her is a Herculean feat.   Beauty. It’s the goal, right? The only thing that matters if you’re born with a vagina? Your smarts, your wit, your compassion – none of that is as important as the image you ... Read the full article
Tracey Clark

Tracey Clark is an emerging writer from picturesque northwest Tassie (Australia). She spends most of the time trying to convince people that she’s normal. Luckily for us, she’s a better writer than she is an actor.

Risen Apes: A Town Without Pity

S.M. Park’s continuing column Risen Apes about being a 70-year-old boomer. In “A Town Without Pity,” Park talks about the worst place he ever lived: Bolinas, California.