Joel Gunz

A Juneteenth for the Rest of Us

(photo by Joel Gunz)
To honor Juneteenth, Joel Gunz explores opportunities for activism that middle class white people can seize right now.  

Although I’ve moved my personal library more times than I want to count, one organizational quirk persists: I ... Read the full article

Joel Gunz

Joel is known the world over as the Alfred Hitchcock Geek. He’s known around Portland, the Bay Area, and Venice Beach as a VR filmmaker. He also writes about religion, cult survival, race issues, and politics. It’s not always clear where these readers are, but they do leave him very nice notes in the comments section. His writing has appeared on or in such publications as McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Commerce Magazine, and The Oregonian, as well as at, on, and/or in ads, signage, and ephemera for American Express, Nike, Xerox, and many other companies. Joel is distantly related to you. Get to know him wherever fine social media connections are made.

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