Chetna Prakash

A Mom’s Guide to Geopolitics: How to Get Japan to Stop Whaling

Mom (and realist) Chetna Prakash has a tried and tested solution to democratically solve the whaling issue with Japan.

  Japan is at it again. After a short hiatus, they've announced the recommencement of their whaling ... Read the full article
Chetna Prakash

Chetna Prakash is a Melbourne-based freelancer. With her passport showing residencies to Zambia, India, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, UK, and now Australia, she confidently lays claim to the term “global citizen”. Her favorite pastime is to look at artworks and will them to say something to her. You can read her blog at Chatnoir: A Mumbaikar in Melbourne.

Objective Journalism Is Not Unbiased Journalism

At a time when media outlets claim to be unbiased and fair, they do a disservice to the truth. Not all ideas deserve the same amount of media coverage; and when incorrect ideas held by a minority are propagated, they lend more credence than is deserved.