Andrew Birmingham

U.S. Government: Biggest Facebook Creepers in the World

When it comes to prying into Facebook accounts, Western governments are the world's biggest creepers because … freedom.   That’s what the data from the Facebook Government Request Report tells us. Eight of the eleven worst governments for human rights violations don’t actually ... Read the full article

Interview with Eric Parker, Part III: Beyond the Horizon

Jason Arment concludes his fascinating, in-depth interview with “The Bundy Sniper,” Eric Parker. They continue discussing events in eastern Oregon and talk about other activist movements.

Interview with Eric Parker, Part II: The Bird Sanctuary

As Jason Arment continues to interview “The Bundy Sniper,” Eric Parker, their conversation turns to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge standoff, regarding who and what was taking place there.

If a Body Catch a Body at the New Teacher Center Symposium

“Confessions of an Educator” columnist Chris Margolin attended New Teacher Center’s 18th National Symposium on Teacher Induction and shares everything he found inspiring.