Jesse Valencia

Daesh Has Declared War on Rock and Roll and Must Be Destroyed

Image: Eagles of Death Metal 2004 Album Cover
With the recent events in Paris, and specifically the Bataclan, musician Jesse Valencia proclaims that Daesh must be destroyed, in the name of rock and roll.   The academic and intellectual in me whispers, “We must strive for peace,” while the soldier and veteran in me screams, “We must burn the village to save it!” I can’t decide which voice to ... Read the full article
Jesse Valencia

Jesse Valencia is an actor, musician, writer, and filmmaker from Northern Arizona whose writing has appeared in Phoenix New Times, Flagstaff Live!, and The Big Smoke. He first appeared onscreen opposite Tom Sizemore in the indie crime drama Durant’s Never Closes, and is currently studying screenwriting at the David Lynch Graduate School for Cinematic Arts at the Maharishi University of Management. He plays music with the band, Gorky, who've put out the records The Gork…And How To Get It!, More Electric Music, and Mathemagician. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing and an MA in Literature from Northern Arizona University, is a veteran of the U.S. Army, and is currently at work on his first feature film.