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Yellowstone Is Losing Its Snow As the Climate Warms; Widespread Problems for Water and Wildlife

(Grand Teton, Wyoming, USA; photo by David Sink on Unsplash)
Yellowstone is home to much wildlife, vast forests and grasslands, and the mountain snowfall feeds some of the country’s most important rivers. And they’re warming faster.   When you picture Yellowstone National Park and its neighbor, Grand Teton, the ... Read the full article

Millions Are Rejecting One of Humanity’s Best Weapons for Saving Lives: Vaccines

Vaccines have successfully curtailed viral diseases for decades. But as COVID-19 vaccination hesitancy shows, mistrust and misinformation continue to put lives at risk.

Shipping Is Tough on the Climate and Hard To Clean Up: These Innovations Can Help Cut Emissions

If shipping were a country, it would rank between Japan and Germany as the sixth-largest contributor to global carbon dioxide emissions. These innovations can help.

People Gave Up on Flu Pandemic Measures a Century Ago When They Tired of Them – And Paid a Price

Americans were tired of social distancing and mask-wearing. At the first hint the virus was receding, people pushed to get life back to normal. Unfortunately, another surge of the disease followed.