Douglas Ross

Recent Study Validates Whatever You Want to Believe

(Photo by Adrianna Van Groningen on Unsplash)
A new study released by our resident expert in studies, Douglas Ross, has found that 25% of all studies support everything you believe. Everything.   Not a morning person? You should be. Try getting up from alternating sides of the bed each morning. Studies have shown this has a marked effect on the mind’s ability to absorb new ... Read the full article
Douglas Ross

Doug Ross is an editor, writer, and musician. Born in Queensland, his existence in Melbourne has always been overshadowed by a nagging desire to live closer to the beach. All donations to this cause will be welcome, but grossly misappropriated for use on more Melbournian pursuits. You can find him either at the pub, on his laptop, or somewhere on a stage—trying hard to not get electrocuted by his amplifier.