Chad M. Christensen

Boy With Shovel: Money for Dope, Money for Rope

Chad M. Christensen’s next Boy With Shovel column,  “Money for Dope, Money for Rope,” about life during COVID with kids, and daydreaming.   Bill Hicks, be happy you’re fucking dead. It’s only gotten worst here. If I were an extraterrestrial being floating above this blue sphere, I’d think twice before stopping at this little ... Read the full article
Chad M. Christensen

Chad M. Christensen lives in the Ponca Hills north of Omaha, Nebraska, and is the managing editor of the WSC Press and the co-director of the Plains Writers Series. He stole his MFA from the University of Nebraska and teaches writing and publishing at Wayne State College. Find him stumbling on Facebook & Twitter.

The Political Satire of Irresistible Hits a Little Too Close to Home

James Jay Edwards reviews Irresistible, a political satire film written and directed by Jon Stewart and starring Steve Carell and Rose Byrne. 

Becky Delivers the Gory Grindhouse Goods

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