Claire Harris

How Will Art Portray the Coronavirus in the Years to Come?

(Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash)
While COVID-19 has indelibly changed our reality, I’m wondering how it will influence our fictional portrayal of it.    I just wrote a scene in a screenplay where one character offered another a sip from their hip flask. I then had a visceral reaction: “Gross.” Who these days would ever casually share a drink with a stranger? Which brings me to ... Read the full article
Claire Harris

Claire Harris is a writer in exile who has spent the last decade traveling and working around the world. This is not nearly as glamorous as it sounds and usually involves scraping by on a diet of muesli and cheap wine. Occasionally together.

The Transcendental Professor: Interview with Tom Lutz

Tom Lutz has quietly been structuring one of the four corners of the Southern California literary scene. Patrick A. Howell spoke with Dr. Lutz about receiving the American Book Award in 2008 and his take on current events.