Gretel Killeen

The Real Reason Why I Didn’t Win the Archibald

Despite applying paint to something and filling out the paperwork correctly, I didn’t win The Archibald Prize. And I think I know why.   It’s fashionable to believe in your dreams – but it’s uncool when they turn into nightmares. I realized this only this week when I didn’t win the coveted Read the full article
Gretel Killeen

Gretel Killeen is the author of more than twenty books. At various times she hosts radio and television programs across the country, works as a journalist, stand-up comic and voice artist, and writes and directs feature films and documentaries.

The Transcendental Professor: Interview with Tom Lutz

Tom Lutz has quietly been structuring one of the four corners of the Southern California literary scene. Patrick A. Howell spoke with Dr. Lutz about receiving the American Book Award in 2008 and his take on current events.