Joseph Edwin Haeger

Interview with Gabino Iglesias about Coyote Songs

Joseph Edwin Haeger interviews Gabino Iglesias about his novel Coyote Songs, gaining insights into this brilliant book, his approach, and establishing a genre all his own.   No one hustles harder than Gabino Iglesias. I’m constantly looking at what he’s doing—whether it’s reviews, commentary, promoting, or just flat out ... Read the full article
Joseph Edwin Haeger

Joseph Edwin Haeger is the author of Learn to Swim (University of Hell Press, 2015). His writing has appeared in The Pacific NW Inlander, RiverLit, Hippocampus Magazine, and others. He lives in Spokane, Washington with his wife and son.

Book Review: A Dank Review of Sad Laughter by Brian Alan Ellis

Joseph Edwin Haeger reviews Sad Laughter: A Totally Unessential and Demotivational Guide to Reading, Writing, and Publishing by Brian Alan Ellis. (Civil Coping Mechanisms)