Adrian Powers

Henry Cavill—the World Deserves Better from Superman

I’m a fan of Henry Cavill’s Superman, but his comments on #MeToo highlight how much he has to learn. He’s apologized … I just hope he understands what for.   I quite enjoy Henry Cavill as Superman, which makes the recent demonstration of boneheadedness on the Mission: Impossible star’s part all the more personally ... Read the full article
Adrian Powers

Adrian Powers is an Australian film director and editor who spends a disproportionate amount of time reflecting on the nature and impact of fictional characters who wear their underwear on the outside. He has a passion for storytelling and technology and is currently developing his next feature directorial project.

The Past Dictates the Future: Where a Twin Peaks Season 4 Could Go

Jesse Valencia imagines what the creators of Twin Peaks could do and where the series could go if they return for a Twin Peaks Season 4.

Why (and How) Star Wars Should Bring Back “Shadows of the Empire”

Jesse Valencia imagines a Star Wars universe where “Shadows of the Empire” exists and is a standalone film. This is Valencia’s proposal to the Lucasfilm Story Group and his bid to be the one who writes it.

Hollywood Producer and Writer: Interview with John Morris

Daddy’s Home 2 releases nationwide tomorrow, so we talked with producer and writer John Morris about his career path and insights into being successful in Hollywood … it involves a lot of suffering and failure.