James Jay Edwards

Sam Mendes Immerses His Audience in the Frontlines of War With 1917

(Photo by Francois Duhamel, Universal Pictures)
James Jay Edwards reviews 1917 by Sam Mendes, a film inspired by the actions of his grandfather during World War I.   As a boy, filmmaker Sam Mendes (Skyfall, American Beauty) was wowed by the stories of World War I told to him by his grandfather, a soldier who, because of his small stature and quick speed, was made a messenger ... Read the full article

Cats Is a Fever Dream That Is Destined to Become a Cult Classic

James Jay Edwards reviews Cats, a film adaptation of the stage musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, which itself was an adaptation of T.S. Eliot poems. (Universal Pictures)

Film Review: Motherless Brooklyn

Jason Arment reviews the film Motherless Brooklyn, written (screenplay adaptation), produced, directed by and starring Edward Norton. (Warner Bros. Pictures) 

The Rise of Skywalker Will Close a Half-Century of Storytelling (and We Can’t Wait)

This December, the Skywalker saga is set to finish what began in 1977. Half fan-service, half new ground, I can’t wait, frankly.

Joker: What Mainstream Critics Miss & Why They Miss It

Jason Arment examines the movie Joker and illustrates what mainstream critics failed to see, or at least what they failed to connect as current, real-world events.

Film Reviews: Knife+Heart versus Equation to An Unknown

Jason Arment reviews Knife+Heart (2018), seen in tandem with Equation to An Unknown (1980), both French films involving gay pornography. (Altered Innocence)

Tigers Are Not Afraid Brings Magical Realism to Tragedy

Jason Arment reviews Tigers Are Not Afraid, a Spanish-language horror mystery film directed by Issa López. (Filmadora Nacional Peligrosa)