Tracey Clark

A Feminist Revision of 90’s “Girl Power”

With the Spice Girls making a return in 2019, I feel the women of tomorrow would be better served not taking them to heart as I did.   In 1996, five young British women exploded onto the airwaves with their catchy pop explosion, “Wannabe.” Within weeks, Read the full article
Tracey Clark

Tracey Clark is an emerging writer from picturesque northwest Tassie (Australia). She spends most of the time trying to convince people that she’s normal. Luckily for us, she’s a better writer than she is an actor.

The Meek Shall Inherit … What? Rush 2112

The next installment of Joel Gunz’s music column Blood, Sweat & Vinyl examines Rush album 2112 and explains the difference between analogue versus digital and why analogue is (always) better.