James Jay Edwards

Behind You Is a Slick Regurgitation of the Modern Haunted House Movie

(Behind You, Vertical Entertainment)
James Jay Edwards reviews Behind You, a haunted house movie, and the first feature film from co-writers/co-directors Matthew Whedon and Andrew Mecham.   Everyone knows Hollywood filmmaker Joss Whedon. He’s the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the director of The Avengers, and the writer of The Cabin in ... Read the full article

Book Review: Please Buy This Book So I Can Feel Validated & (Finally) Love Myself by Homeless

Joseph Edwin Haeger reviews Please Buy This Book So I Can Feel Validated & (Finally) Love Myself by Homeless. (House of Vlad)

Swallow Is Hard to Believe, but Harder to Not Watch

James Jay Edwards reviews Swallow, a psychological thriller about a unique eating disorder, written and directed by Carlo Mirabella-Davis, and starring Haley Bennett.

Kelly Reichardt’s First Cow Revises The Revisionist Western

James Jay Edwards reviews First Cow, a new movie by Kelly Reichardt that upends the traditional western and tells a heartfelt story about a peculiar friendship set in 1800s Oregon. 

Tuscaloosa’s Disjointed Social Message Doesn’t Distract From Its Enjoyable Quirky Romance

James Jay Edwards reviews Tuscaloosa, a film directed by Philip Harder, adapted from a 1994 novel (of the same name) written by Glasgow Phillips.

James Patterson’s The Postcard Killings Rewards Patient Viewers

James Jay Edwards reviews The Postcard Killings, the latest film adaptation of work written by James Patterson, starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Cush Jumbo.