Joseph Edwin Haeger

Book Review: Seeing Things by Sonora Taylor

Joseph Edwin Haeger reviews Seeing Things by Sonora Taylor.   About a year ago, I reviewed Sonora Taylor’s short story collection Little Paranoias. She has a crisp and concise style that I ... Read the full article
Joseph Edwin Haeger

Joseph Edwin Haeger is the author of Learn to Swim (University of Hell Press, 2015). His writing has appeared in The Pacific NW Inlander, RiverLit, Hippocampus Magazine, and others. He lives in Spokane, Washington with his wife and son.

Dave Franco Introduces Himself as a Horror Director with The Rental

James Jay Edwards reviews The Rental, the directorial debut of Dave Franco, the younger brother of James Franco. (IFC Films) 

Shudder’s Lake of Death Both Imitates and Creates a Horror Archetype

James Jay Edwards reviews Lake of Death, a Norwegian horror film written and directed by Nini Bull Robsahm, now streaming on Shudder.

The Political Satire of Irresistible Hits a Little Too Close to Home

James Jay Edwards reviews Irresistible, a political satire film written and directed by Jon Stewart and starring Steve Carell and Rose Byrne.