Loretta Barnard

The Queen of Sheba: The Strong Female Protagonist We Need (That May Not Exist)

The Queen of Sheba crosses time, religion, and form. Not bad for someone who might not have existed.   As told in the Book of Kings in the Old Testament or Hebrew Bible, the story goes that in the 10th century BCE, the Queen of Sheba, having heard many stories about the wisdom of Israel’s famous King Solomon, traveled to Jerusalem to meet him to see for ... Read the full article
Loretta Barnard

Loretta Barnard is an Australian freelance writer and editor who, in a long career, has done almost everything possible in the book publishing industry. These days she actively pursues her love of music, literature and theatre, and is something of wannabe roving ambassador for the creative and performing arts.

A Less than Handy Guide to Cryptids in the United States

Travis Laurence Naught looks at our fascination with folkloristic creatures and our pursuit to capture if they’re real or merely overly active parts of our imagination.