Tom Richards

The Very Best of 2017!

Fred Rogers drives an unorthodox 2016 presidential election campaign all the way to the White House
Tom Richards lists all of the very best things about this year, 2017, from the presidency to music, movies, books, and more.    Wow! Wow! Wow! What a year! I know I’m less than a line into this story and I’ve already used up four exclamation marks, but … WHAT A YEAR! Come on, you know it was. Here are my top ten places, events, and happenings ... Read the full article
Tom Richards

Tom Richards published poetry in the Writers’ Collective Anthology and has twice been Writer in Residence at Mother Foucault’s Books in Portland, Oregon. He was a contributing writer in the Word & Hand 2 book and published and edited The Portland Permanent Press, a monthly comedy and humor magazine with Joe Sacco. He was also the curator and head writer for The Faux Museum in Portland. Richards has written for the Willamette Week and The Oregonian in Portland and had a monthly column in the Paperback Jukebox called Last First Thursday. His first book Thirst for Beginners; Poetry, Prose, and Quizzes will be published by University of Hell Press in 2019. He is the writer and vocalist for Philip K. Moby Dick Clark Five.