Chad M. Christensen

Boy With Shovel: The Philistine

Introducing a new column, Boy With Shovel, by Chad M. Christensen. In this first installment, “The Philistine,” Chad considers an odd artwork that found its way to him.   I received a gift last week, or at least our office did. My graduate assistant brought in a painting she had received from a friend out in Colorado. It was intended, she ... Read the full article
Chad M. Christensen

Chad M. Christensen lives in the Ponca Hills north of Omaha, Nebraska, and is the managing editor of the WSC Press and the co-director of the Plains Writers Series. He stole his MFA from the University of Nebraska and teaches writing and publishing at Wayne State College. Find him stumbling on Facebook & Twitter.

A Less than Handy Guide to Cryptids in the United States

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