Headshot Smackdown: AI vs. Professional vs. Smartphone

The Big Smoke takes on the battle for the perfect professional headshot, comparing AI, professional photographers, and smartphones to discover which option takes the crown. In the age of digital dominance, putting your best face forward has never been more crucial. Whether you’re gunning for that dream job, pimping your LinkedIn profile, or simply wanting […]

Navigating Trends: A Guide to Creating Short-Form Videos While Keeping Your Brand Intact

The Big Smoke explores essentials of engaging with short-form video content, highlighting how to embrace trends effectively while maintaining brand authenticity and ensuring meaningful engagement. With the rise of TikTok, YouTube Shorts and research showing people are more likely to engage with video, any direct to consumer (DTC) brand needs to be implementing short-form video […]

A CEO’s Misstep: How Solo Stove’s Snoop Dogg Campaign Went Up in Smoke

How Solo Stove's Snoop Dogg Campaign Went Up in Smoke

The Big Smoke examines the critical lessons for CEOs in the aftermath of Solo Stove’s viral (yet failed) campaign with Snoop Dogg, shedding light on the balance between virality and sales conversion for brands. Millions of people watched in November 2023 when Snoop Dog announced he would be giving up his trademark smoking habit, and […]

The dreams and the Buzz: McConaughey’s Tequila launch a lesson in influencer marketing

Celebrity-endorsed spirits are nothing new, think George Clooney’s Casamigos to Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin. These celeb spirits always get traction on social media. But Matthew McConaughey’s recent New York launch of his tequila brand with Daniel Boulud was next level – and mostly gimmick-free. During the launch, Matthew focused on emphasizing the experiential qualities of […]


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