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Limited places available

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Media Visibility Program

The Big Smoke is an established Australian media player. We work with iconic national media outlets, local channels, industry-specific events and niche forums that place our clients front and center. Sounds amazing. And it is — for clients ready to invest. Across the PR industry, a monthly retainer ranges on average between $5,000 to $20,000 a month! And, most of those contracts are lock-in.

But what about emerging brands like yours when a monthly retainer isn't feasible yet?

That’s why we’ve created the Media Visibility Program.

How it Works


The Big Smoke’s Media Visibility program offers a unique and risk-free approach to public relations and digital presence for emerging brands.


We Up Your Media Game

We compile a media and speaker kit with custom, newsworthy & shareworthy angles plus an online presence audit to ensure you’re media ready.


We Find You The Opportunities

Our established PR experts ensure you get in front of your market and industry-relevant media outlets. Your media angles and brand are circulated regularly.


You Choose Which To Take

Once an opportunity is found in the media, you only pay if you want to take it. This fee is based on the tier of the media outlet (see tier pricing below).

You pay a fraction of what a yearly retainer would cost because of our pay-on-performance model.

If accepted to our program, you pay a one-off onboarding fee. We then do all of the PR outreach legwork, and you only pay if we bring you a media opportunity that you actually want to be a part of.

This means you decide where you show up without paying for media placements you don’t even want to be in.


Note: There is a selection process for this program. All clients we represent on any scale must be viable for media outreach and our team will assess if you are eligible.

Your Media Visibility Package Includes:

01. Media And Speakers Kit

02. Media Plan From Our PR Veterans

03. Digital Credibility Audit And Recommendations

04. Industry Targeting Analysis

05. Key Media Angles For Your Business

06. Monthly Pitch To Targeted And Industry Specific To Media Outlets

07. Monthly Recommendations For Trending Topics That Relate To Your Industry

08. Quarterly Conference Pitching As A Speaker Or Panelist

09. Quarterly 30min Media Advisory Call

10. Online Support To Our Team


One-off fee your 12-month program

That works out to only $825/month for a PR service that has established media reach.

We will then ensure you are out there in the media throughout your 12 month period, and you will only pay for coverage as it is booked.


Tier 1

$2,500 per placement

  • Mainstream media
  • Conference speaking engagements
  • Top 5% of most listened to podcasts

Tier 2

$1,500 per placement

  • Speaking opportunities
  • Opinion pieces online, in print publications in trade or mid-tier business outlets

Tier 3

$800 per placement

  • Podcast bookings
  • Commentary
  • Expert comments published

Are You Ready To Boost Your Brand's Narrative In The Public Eye?

3 Ways PR Grows Your Bottom Line

PR Catapults Your Brand Into The Spotlight. It’s Your Golden Ticket To Getting Noticed By Your Target Audience.

In The Competitive Australian Market, PR Is Your Battle Cry. It Drowns Out The Noise From Your Rivals. Ensure Your Voice Is The One That Customers Hear And Remember.

Australians Trust Businesses With A Strong PR Presence. When Your Brand Is Seen In The Media Or Associated With Positive Stories, That Trust Translates Into Sales And Loyal Customers.

“PR Firms are often all the same, and just push out press releases no one reads. The Big Smoke actually understands the media, so ensures your angle is considered by the right people with a track record that is impressive!”

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Common Questions

Can I enlist for less than 12 months?

No. This program is run for 12-months to give maximum opportunities for your media exposure.

We will pitch you to targeted media platforms as part of a group opportunity. We commit to an ‘Always on’ approach, ensuring at least 12 group pitches throughout the campaign period. While we guarantee to pitch you to the right audiences, we cannot guarantee bookings or media coverage.

All media placements are subject to the media outlets’ editorial scrutiny and decisions.

We will provide initial discovery and onboarding via a call, followed by communication through email and chat with a quarterly call to discuss ideas and opportunities with our media specialist.

Articles or releases submitted to The Big Smoke company profile hub, include a do-follow backlink, subject to editorial approval. In case of article rejection, we will provide feedback for resubmission, but cannot guarantee acceptance upon resubmission if feedback is not incorporated. These articles are evergreen and will be available beyond the campaign period for up to 3 years.

Payment is required upon agreement to proceed with the service and payable prior to discovery call.

Payment for each media coverage opportunity is required before finalising the booking. You must agree to the feature before we will charge, but if after this acceptance you decide to reject the opportunity or the the opportunity is rejected by the outlet or unused, we will provide a 50% credit to other opportunities.

No refunds are available after a 30-day period from the start date of the service.

Clients may withdraw from the service at any time; no further fees will be applied post-withdrawal.

Customised copywriting and specific article pitches are available for an additional fee, to be quoted separately.

Client information will be used solely for the purpose of this service and will not be shared without consent, except as required for the service provision.

All interactions, particularly media advisory sessions, will be conducted with the utmost confidentiality.

Are You Ready To Boost Your Brand's Narrative In The Public Eye?

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