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My Summer of Seeing Friends: “If Not Now, When?”

The fall equinox is upon us and, as the seasons change, Nancy Townsley reflects on her summer spent connecting with friends during these COVID times. 

Hello America, From Australia: The Dumbest Timeline

In his column, “The Dumbest Timeline,” Matthew Reddin looks at school board meetings in America being overrun by anti-vaxxers, white supremacists, and the Proud Boys.

The Top 10 Reasons To Get Vaccinated Against COVID (Annotated, 2021)

Either you’re fully vaccinated by now or you’ve decided against it (or you’re under 12). For the unvaccinated, read Nancy Townsley’s reasons to just go get the vaccine already.

Boy With Shovel: The Wasp (and the Avocado Jungle of Death)

Chad M. Christensen’s next Boy With Shovel column, “The Wasp (and the Avocado Jungle of Death),” is about a battle with an angry wasp and a B movie from the ’80s.

Masking, Vaxxing, Manipulating, and Grieving

Benjamin Vogt examines what is at the core of the division and tumult of these times: an inability to process grief. And the pandemic has delivered plenty of it.