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Cruella Re-Invents an Iconic Disney Villain

Cruella Re-Invents an Iconic Disney Villain

James Jay Edwards reviews Cruella, a live-action adaptation film in the 101 Dalmations franchise and centered around the character Cruella de Vil. (Walt Disney Pictures) 

Live from the Space Stage: A Halyx Story Is a Disney Story Even Hardcore Disneyphiles Might Not Know

James Jay Edwards reviews Live from the Space Stage: A Halyx Story, a documentary about a Star Wars-adjacent KISS-inspired band that rocked the Space Stage in Tomorrowland at Disneyland during the summer of 1981.

The Nerd Reserve Podcast: Looking at Disney’s Releases in 2019

Gird your loins, Disney is playing for keeps in 2019, focusing on sequels to much-loved franchises. Do you want to make a cash cow?

Why (and How) Star Wars Should Bring Back “Shadows of the Empire”

Jesse Valencia imagines a Star Wars universe where “Shadows of the Empire” exists and is a standalone film. This is Valencia’s proposal to the Lucasfilm Story Group and his bid to be the one who writes it.

It’s a Small Galaxy after All: Is Disney Ruining Star Wars?

Disney appears to want to transform the Star Wars universe into something more gritty and complex through its initial filmmaker choices, but then yanks them for safer ones and a retelling of the same old formula. Is Disney ruining Star Wars?