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Cozcacuauhtli: Protester Facing Incarceration for Dancing

Cozcacuauhtli: Protester Facing Incarceration for Dancing

January 6 insurrectionists see almost no penalties for terrorizing Congress and damaging the Capitol. Cozcacuauhtli faces years of incarceration for Danza Azteca in front of an ICE building.

2021 Year in Review: Top 10 Articles from The Big Smoke America

The Big Smoke America is now six years old and has published almost 2,500 original articles and essays. Here are the Top 10 (+14 more) from 2021.

National Day of Mourning

Weeks preceding National Day of Mourning brought even more examples, to pile on top of myriad others, of the inequity on which this country was built.

Voices of the Unheard

Elected officials invite voters to attend “hearings” about how they should spend taxpayers’ money, but then never listen to what their constituents say.

If I Were Police Commissioner

One only negotiates a contract if one cares whether or not anyone else signs it. Otherwise, one writes the contract to meet specific needs and others have the option of signing. Or not.

You. Can. Not. Reform. This.

Police violence hasn’t abated despite more and more departments requiring body cameras and the Internet filled with videos of egregious police conduct.