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Hello America, From Australia: Licking Things in a Grocery Store

Hello America, From Australia: Licking Things in a Grocery Store

In his column, “Licking Things in a Grocery Store,” Matthew Reddin looks at the recent sentencing of a Texas man to 15 months in federal prison for a hoax he posted.

Hello America, From Australia: The Dumbest Timeline

In his column, “The Dumbest Timeline,” Matthew Reddin looks at school board meetings in America being overrun by anti-vaxxers, white supremacists, and the Proud Boys.

Hello America, From Australia: Researcher Proposes Renaming “Shark Attacks” As “Negative Encounters”

In his latest column, Matthew Reddin looks at Shark Week, shark attacks, and a bit of PR spin on behalf of sharks and their “bad reputation.” 

Hello America, From Australia: Late-Stage Capitalism with a Soupçon of Post-Modernist Irony

In his latest column, Matthew Reddin examines late-stage capitalism and how Americans willingly pay good money to wear and/or display company logos.

Hello America, From Australia: Interfering in Foreign Elections?

During a press conference after the Geneva summit with Putin, President Biden asked what the world would think of the US if it were interfering in foreign elections. Um …

Hello America, From Australia: Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger

In his latest Hello America, From Australia, Matthew Reddin praises vaccination efforts in California, and questions the resumption of cruise ships in Florida.