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James Wan Has Gory Fun With Malignant

James Wan Has Gory Fun With Malignant

James Jay Edwards reviews Malignant, a horror film directed by James Wan from a screenplay by Akela Cooper, and starring Annabelle Wallis. (Warner Bros.) 

Martyrs Lane Creeps Its Way Through a Slow Burn Mystery

James Jay Edwards reviews Martyrs Lane, a slow-burn horror mystery film, written and directed by Ruth Platt, and starring Kiera Thompson and Sienna Sayer. (Shudder) 

Ready or Not for a Fun Horror Film

Jason Arment reviews Ready or Not, a black comedy horror film about a newlywed swept up in her new family’s wedding ritual. (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

Luz in Review: The Thesis Project That Could

Jason Arment reviews Luz, a supernatural horror film by Tilman Singer that pays homage to horror films that have come before. (Yellow Veil Pictures)

Extremist Movie Debate: It Comes at Night

In Extremist Movie Debate, Ethan and Joe’s true feelings about the movie do not matter. They flip a coin to decide who loves it and who hates it. This episode? It Comes at Night.