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On Colby Covington and Failing Up

On Colby Covington and Failing Up

Colby Covington’s MAGA jaw needed to be reattached after losing, and yet his name is being bandied about favorably by media. How did he accomplish this?

I Just Can’t Anymore

John S. Blake reflects on this Fourth of July and reviews the current state of affairs and questions our definition of what it means to be independent and American.

The Daily Embers: March For Our Lives, Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and College Basketball

Happy Monday? Over the weekend there was a massive March For Our Lives, news that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch has gotten larger, and basketball games were played.

Soon, Not a Drop to Drink

As oil interests and corporate greed trump common sense and human decency, indigenous people are suffering, land is ravaged, and water supplies are poisoned: enough is enough. Essay by John S. Blake.