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9/11 at 20: The Enemy Is Us

9/11 at 20: The Enemy Is Us

Remembering 9/11, twenty years later, Nancy Townsley reflects on where she was on that day and ponders other tragedies in American history, past and present.

The Top 10 Reasons To Get Vaccinated Against COVID (Annotated, 2021)

Either you’re fully vaccinated by now or you’ve decided against it (or you’re under 12). For the unvaccinated, read Nancy Townsley’s reasons to just go get the vaccine already.

Getting Vaccinated Against COVID Is Similar to Kicking the Smoking Habit

Urging some folks to finally get vaccinated against COVID is akin to pleading with smokers to stop smoking, Nancy Townsley examines the comparison.

Millions Are Rejecting One of Humanity’s Best Weapons for Saving Lives: Vaccines

Vaccines have successfully curtailed viral diseases for decades. But as COVID-19 vaccination hesitancy shows, mistrust and misinformation continue to put lives at risk.