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New Podcast Caters to People with a Taste for Success

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New Podcast Caters to People with a Taste for Success

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Hospitality expert MOBI launches a podcast called What’s Next? hosted by CEO and Founder Tarik Mallett. The debut episode features Wild Wing CEO Clark McKeown.


Last Monday marked the release of a new podcast by CEO and Founder of MOBI, Tarik Mallett. The podcast, aptly titled What’s Next?, sees Mallett interview hospitality gurus to discuss business growth and effective “food branding.” Episodes are snappy, ranging from 20-30 minutes, and provide realistic advice on franchising, maintaining trust with customers, and building a brand that stands out in the competitive hospitality sector.



Mallett is no stranger to these concepts. His company MOBI is a fully serviced digital aid to hospitality businesses. MOBI has built a suite of leading e-commerce products, including digital ordering, in-store ordering, delivery, loyalty, and analytics that help global brands own their entire experience, all from one platform. With over 900 global clients, over 35 countries serviced, and 10+ years of experience, MOBI has a variety of experience in the hospitality sector and has built a reputation as a strong, reliable organization.

The What’s Next? podcast seeks to bring Mallett’s own knowledge and experience into the frame but mainly focuses on that of his guests, who are leaders in their field. The debut episode features Wild Wing CEO Clark McKeown. Since it was founded in 1999, Wild Wing has grown to a total of 99 stores across Canada, with over 100 flavors of wings.



Together, Mallett and McKeown discuss Wild Wing’s rise from small-town Ontario to becoming a world-class franchise. You can expect to hear plenty about the importance of franchisee relationships and technology’s influence on the food sector, but perhaps the most valuable insights you can take from the podcast are McKeown’s advice on maintaining a consistent brand throughout the customer experience.

Mallett’s monthly podcast provides valuable insights to any food entrepreneur that desires to be different and has a taste for success.


You can find What’s Next? on Spotify and Apple Music.

If you’re interested in featuring on What’s Next?, contact Bristol James at [email protected].


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