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What’s Next? Podcast: Think Cookies … Think Crumbl

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What’s Next? Podcast: Think Cookies … Think Crumbl

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In the second episode of the What’s Next? podcast, hospitality experts MOBI sit down with the fastest-growing food outlet in America, Crumbl.


In the delicious next episode of his new podcast What’s Next?, MOBI founder Tarik Mallett talks all things hospitality with some of the biggest industry innovators in the world.

Mallett launched MOBI in 2010 as a digital marketing partner to the hospitality industry, and the agency now works with over 900 global brands across 35 countries.

The debut episode was about Wild Wing restaurants with CEO Clark McKeown, and the follow-up episode has Mallett chatting with Anna Tibbitts, PR Expert for the fastest-growing food outlet in the US, Crumbl.



This podcast episode centers around the Crumbl Cookies tech story.

Mallett and Tibbitts discuss in detail the key to the cookie kingdom’s success, from a small family business to the unstoppable hyper-growing franchise model it has become.

The episode gives us insight into how Crumbl leveraged social media, in particular TikTok, to create a massive buzz with the brand’s weekly “flavor drop,” a Crumbl trend that many people have heard of before they’ve even tried the product.

Mallett and Tibbitts discuss how Crumbl’s dessert and food-inspired cookies are perfect content for Instagram and TikTok. After Crumbl’s first video scored over 1 million likes, the weekly drop announcement created a cult-like following on the platform.

Discussing the power of social media for brands, Mallett and Tibbitts also discuss how fan reviews and user interaction around the new flavors that are “dropped” are critical factors in their product development and growth.



After just four years, Crumbl now has 300+ stores across 36 states. They are still opening an average of 18 stores a month, and there’s a waiting list for franchise candidates.

This podcast offers valuable insights into the power of social media marketing and the importance of choosing a channel with which a product or service aligns.

There is also further discussion around the importance of the technology that the brand has embraced at almost every touchpoint in the business model, and the ways in which it plays a key role in the customer experience and the growth and scalability of a brand.

The episode also touches on brand awareness, simplicity, aesthetics, brand values, and other aspects of tech marketing that fueled rapid growth throughout (and even despite) the pandemic.

One of the most overreaching aspects of this episode is the absolute enthusiasm and passion for the brand, product, and technology that drives it all.

So, out of 170+ flavors of the best-tasting cookies in the US, what are Tibbitts’ top three? You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out.


You can find What’s Next? on Spotify and Apple Music.

If you’re interested in featuring on What’s Next?, contact Bristol James at [email protected] 


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