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Arts & Culture Featured Film Reviews

Smile Is the Most Fun a Formula Horror Movie Can Be

  • James Jay Edwards
  • access_timeSeptember 30, 2022
  • remove_red_eye345 Views
Health Lifestyle & Science Loves and Lives

A Quiet Mind Hears More Clearly

  • John Michael
  • access_timeSeptember 29, 2022
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2022 Year in Review: Top 10 Articles from The Big Smoke America

  • Greg Gerding
  • access_timeJanuary 9, 2023
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Arts & Culture Featured Film Reviews

Blonde Plays Fast and Loose with the Life of Marilyn Monroe

  • James Jay Edwards
  • access_timeSeptember 28, 2022
  • remove_red_eye315 Views
Arts & Culture Featured Music Society

WUSSY: Music, College Radio, and a Network of Weirdos

  • Adam Strong
  • access_timeSeptember 27, 2022
  • remove_red_eye321 Views
Featured Lifestyle Lifestyle & Science Loves and Lives

I Am My Own Man

  • John Michael
  • access_timeSeptember 22, 2022
  • remove_red_eye341 Views
Arts & Culture Featured Music Society

Chili Night and John Lennon

  • Russell Thorburn
  • access_timeSeptember 21, 2022
  • remove_red_eye388 Views
Arts & Culture Book Reviews Featured

Book Review: Motherthing by Ainslie Hogarth

  • Joseph Edwin Haeger
  • access_timeSeptember 20, 2022
  • remove_red_eye459 Views
Arts & Culture Featured Society

Risen Apes: Little Pink Houses

  • S.M. Park
  • access_timeSeptember 19, 2022
  • remove_red_eye305 Views
Arts & Culture Featured Film Reviews

Pearl Is a Grimy and Gory Tribute to Classic Hollywood

  • James Jay Edwards
  • access_timeSeptember 16, 2022
  • remove_red_eye415 Views
Featured Health Lifestyle Lifestyle & Science

Saving the Planet: Value and Celebrate the Spiritual Mother

  • John Michael
  • access_timeSeptember 15, 2022
  • remove_red_eye288 Views

Submission process for The Big Smoke America

If you are a writer, especially a daring, intimate, and opinionated writer with a flair for the written word, we have a great opportunity for you.

We at The Big Smoke America are after one thing and one thing only—fine, edgy opinion writing. It doesn’t have to be grandiose—some of our favorite articles are under-the-radar pieces that resonate with the secret lives we all have. But we also like big articles—pieces that deal with the pressing issues of our time: social inequality, civil rights, gun rights and violence, immigration, politics and government, climate change, education, employment, healthcare, freedom from discrimination, etc.

We also love cultural pieces: travelogues, book reviews, film reviews, art essays, insights into the creative process. And health, business, science, and lifestyle too. We’ll also consider articles involving sports.

We want to shake up and transform America for the better. It’s time. Sometimes, that requires rejecting what is already there to try to create something entirely new. And don’t assume we fall squarely on one side; we want to attract voices from all sides. We’re all in this together and we want to ensure a communal process.

We’re especially interested if you are an expatriate living in the United States. We feel that an outside view of how things are currently done could be crucial in improving and shaping new understandings and new directions.

The Big Smoke first launched in Australia in November 2013 (www.thebigsmoke.com.au) and has rapidly become a relevant and successful voice for the everyday Australian. Now, The Big Smoke is in America and we want you to contribute.

The Big Smoke America launched November 9th, 2015.

Please send a sample article on a subject that you are passionate about and could be published at any time, 500+ words, and include a 2-3 line bio in the third person (along with any relevant social media links, Twitter, etc.) to “editor @ thebigsmoke.com”. Please format your article in Times New Roman font, size 12, 1.5 spacing, and in DOC or DOCX format (or Google docs).

If your article is simply an angry rant without substance, we’re not interested. We like irreverent, yes, but it must be thought-provoking. We want to attract readers who are smart, switched on, and sophisticated. So, we want writers who grab readers from the first word and leave them changed after the last.

If the article you submit is aligned with what we are seeking, we will take the next steps to securing you as a writer for The Big Smoke America. The work is currently unpaid, but could become paid over time. If nothing else, though, we will provide you with a legitimate platform to elevate your status and fill your résumé.

A special note to illustrators: We want you too! Email a link to your portfolio to: “editor @ thebigsmoke.com”

Thank you for your attention and interest. We look forward to working with you.

Best regards,

Greg Gerding
The Big Smoke America 
editor @ thebigsmoke.com